Install a Concrete Retaining Wall on Your Livingston, TX Property

Trying to prevent erosion?

If you're wondering how to prevent soil erosion on your property, let Arlen Phillips Concrete & Construction, L.L.C. in Livingston, TX build you a concrete retaining wall. A retaining wall prevents erosion by creating functional supports to keep soil in place. This in turn prevents major problems like property damage and sinkholes.

Now that you know how to prevent soil erosion with a retaining wall, call us today to schedule your installation.

How a retaining wall can improve your landscape

A new concrete retaining wall can be an aesthetic addition to your landscape, but it also provides structural improvements. Your new retaining wall can:

  • Eliminate sinkholes
  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Provide flood control

Reducing the effects of erosion can help prevent greater property damage. Your retaining wall can also alter the shape of your yard by covering up dirt piles and hills. Contact us now if you're ready to install a new retaining wall.